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  • P 206.420.1885

TSC grew out of a love for communication; we think creatively, technologically, and strategically. We’re based in Seattle, Washington and we can help your communications gather momentum.

Brian Clifford, co-founder

Brian develops and designs web platforms. Whether it's new development, redesign, or additional functionality, Brian integrates user experience design with expertise in industry trends and best practices. He's certified in Flash application development, producing multi-media website components, Flash banners, and interactive gadgets, particularly for REI. He's also the developer for REI's customization of many social media forums, such as Facebook and YouTube.

When Brian isn't behind the computer screen, he is generally in the woods, hiking, camping, or backcountry skiing.

Missie Thurston, co-founder

Missie designs campaigns. Whether it's graphic design, writing, or brand development, Missie determines needs, defines goals, and carries out well-planned, strategic communications programs. She co-produced a multi-media program on Vermont and consulted for national and regional Macy's campaigns. She has designed and implemented a variety of public health campaigns and designs the University of Washington, School of Public Health semi-annual magazine.

When she’s not considering campaign elements, design, or marketing strategies, Missie loves the outdoors, fresh fruit, good conversations, and good causes.